I have a theory: people always change. They never stop changing—Life is change. Good and bad experiences are what molds us as people…change is what allows us to grow. So why do people constantly say that someone else has changed with a negative connotation? Are we not supposed to mature? 

As human beings we are naturally inclined to categorize others. If someone perceives you as a certain way, that’s the “version” of you that they expect. The first impression is the lasting impression. Therefore, when you behave another way you’re asking someone to get to know you as a different person. This pushes people outside of their comfort zone.

In my opinion, a lot of people experience circumstantial changes. Meaning they simply adjust when dealing with certain situations. Kind of like the Marine slogan “Adapt, achieve, and overcome” —or something of that nature.

On the other hand, I know that people can change in an inconvenient matter e.g. your girlfriend/boyfriend “isn’t the same person you fell in love with.” Maybe what you’re actually saying is that your girlfriend/boyfriend is changing in ways that you didn’t perceive her/him to feel or think. It’s not the change that you’re opposed to but the challenge of having to adapt to his/her change. But isn’t that the foundation of a relationship/marriage? To learn and grow with one another. 

I’m ranting over and over about change because I want you all to embrace change as a GOOD thing. The usual gets boring eventually. Go out and enjoy the spontaneous things that life has to offer you. And in the midst of doing so remember that people constantly change… and that’s okay. 


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