Blog Update

I haven’t blogged in nearly 2 weeks because I’ve been really busy at work and home.. So I’d figured this post would merely serve as an update of what’s been going on with me during my mini blog “VACAY.”

For one, despite the fact that I’ve only created one post 😦 I’ve actually missed my blog. I enjoy the sensational feeling of emptying my thoughts in an online text format for someone like you and whomever else is out in the world reading my blog. I cherish you all. However, I recently discovered (after talking to a friend of mine) that blogging is so goddamn hard! It’s almost parallel to keeping a diary that requires far more commitment. I think the problem with me is that I find inspiration so hard to come by and at times I find myself getting writers block or simply not having a clue of what to write. I probably sound discouraged, but surely I am not! I vow to commit lol—seriously though. Second, I recently celebrated my 19th birthday! Although I had to clean my entire house from top to bottom—literally, it’s 2 stories—the end result was definitely a plus. Here are a few moments from that night: 20140616-032114-12074820.jpg 20140616-033227-12747344.jpg 20140616-033342-12822090.jpg 20140616-033931-13171956.jpg 20140616-033933-13173133.jpg 20140616-033936-13176103.jpg And lastly, while I am still in shock from receiving this news it saddens me to say that our family has lost the life of our dear friend Mr this past Friday. I am truly thankful that he came out for my birthday, the weekend before last. This guy was a family friend and somewhat of an uncle to me and my brothers/sister/cousin. I will never forget the time he took us to go kart world as kids. I can’t stress it enough that tomorrow is never promised. Cherish every moment that you have with everyone in your life regardless of anything because you never know when it’s their time to depart from this earth. 20140616-035158-13918168.jpgFrom left to right: Mr, Lil Donnell, Davonte, Lamont, Big Donnell, Shar’Ell, and I

Psalm 23:4 King James Version (KJV) 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Rest in Paradise Mr


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