The Art of Happiness

Have you ever sat down and wondered… what is the purpose of life? Surprisingly when asked, most people don’t know so they respond with meaning less answers. Some people think they know and leave you with the wrong answers. Religion tells us that the purpose of all created beings is to glorify God because He is worthy of all glory. Philosophers tell us to participate in the chain of events which has led from the creation of the universe until its possible end. And if you look on Google there’s millions and billions of links that will go on and on (blah blah blah) with concepts that leave you with headaches.

So what is the purpose of life?

If you are taking more than a minute to even attempt to answer that question, you are thinking too hard my friend. It’s simple. The purpose of life is to become unconditionally happy. Think about it… When we are born, we are taught to go to college > to build a career > to meet the love of your life > get married > buy a home together > have children > & live happily ever after (beginning to sound to familiar?)… all of which attends to your pursuit of happiness.

But what if I told you that it’s all a lie? And that those things don’t entirely guarantee your happiness. Yeah I mean sure, those things will grant you happiness momentarily, but the kind of happiness you should seek is one that’s everlasting and unconditional. Now what if I told you this happiness lies within you?

I came across a quote that read, “You cannot create happiness; you can only reveal the happiness that is already inside of you. Your very nature is unconditional happiness.” I found this to be true. People tend to substitute happiness with materialistic things or, more commonly, with other people. But all that this does is create something temporary. Sure, it’ll last for a while, but then it dies, disappears, or degenerates. Remember, life and people are constantly changing so what will you have when they do?

I’m not telling you to avoid creating happiness in other things or people, by all means do as you please. However, dedicating yourself to your own happiness should always be a priority in your life.

“Life is such an inspiration. To know that you go through so many obstacle courses through the time and to be able to overcome them is a blessing. Live your life free and don’t worry what others have to say about you. Live and be happy. Once you can find happiness within yourself without the help of others…that’s when you know you’re truly happy and can share your happiness with the person you want.” — A.Brown

When you based your happiness on things or people it becomes conditional and temporary. Meaning that you’ll only be happy if you have that thing or that person. But that thing or that person won’t always be at your disposal for comfort. You’ll never truly be content with yourself.

I challenge you to seek unconditional happiness within yourself, practice self-love, and really dig deep to find out who you are. And in doing so remember to smile! =)


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