Give this a listen— To Build A Home

I overheard someone saying that once you get old you realize that you don’t belong and that there’s nowhere in this beautiful world do you feel at home. But then you find love and make a home in it because love is where we belong. With this, home isn’t a place, but a feeling. A feeling of comfort, familiarity, and belonging—to share with someone.

Here’s a song that I want you all to listen to:

On a purely emotional level, the first time I heard this powerful piece of music I was moved in a way I cannot describe. The foundation of life, love, sorrow, not knowing, being a powerless human being, the fragility of once existence and the obscurity of all the above. The world allows us to grow old, whither and die, from dust to dust. So our home disappears and in time so does our love. But what makes it all worth it?


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