Can I offer you a Drink? Thirst-Aid

I’m more than sure that by now we’ve all heard these words: THE THIRST IS REAL. For those who don’t know or think they know, allow me to enlighten you. Although the true meaning of THIRST can vary depending on the context surrounding it, THIRST (capitalization is very important) is when a male or female does anything for the opposite because they are:

A)Yearning for attention
B)Desire sex or
C)Want a relationship.

Some may say the THIRST is a widespread epidemic that is growing exceedingly fast and is seemingly incurable. However, fortunately for you, I’m here to tell you that I have the cure. In this post, I will focus on definition C, the relationship thirst.

Have you ever met someone who says “I think you’re my wife/I think you’re my husband” and then 2 weeks later they’re in a relationship with someone else because you apparently weren’t reciprocating their emotions quick enough? I’m sure you have. I’ve had this done to me a couple of times and it never phased me, I actually found it to be pretty hilarious. Whenever I meet (or you meet) someone like this just know that, that person has a problem beneath the surface. People like this are unable to or can’t stand being single and because they “can’t stand being or sleeping alone” they try to find someone who is willing to temporarily fill in that empty space. And I understand that cats are just lonely and mama needs to get rid of her itch, but is a relationship really going to solve your problem?

I can’t even describe the desperation in detail because some people are just that THIRSTY and they’re doing anything they can to have their thirst quenched. In short, stop rushing into relationships with someone you don’t know because being single is boring. I personally wouldn’t take you seriously if you’re constantly in and out of different relationships for one, it makes you look like an insecure whore/man-whore (shots fired). And two, I believe that everyone is unique and that they deserve far more than to simply settle so quickly for nothing. We’re young and almost, if not already, in our 20’s go live wild and live loud. Here’s 3 reasons to stay single at this age:

1. Most of us barely know ourselves at this point in our lives. We don’t know what we want, where we’re going, or how to make ourselves happy 100% of the time.

2. Whether we are still in school or working a job, time is a precious commodity that we often have to split between our friends and our significant others. Most lovers come and go, but friends are forever. Staying single means we can hang out more often with the people who will always matter to us.

3. Relationships hold us accountable — which can be positive but can also be a little less rainbows-and-puppies than we’d prefer. Sometimes, all we want is to spend a Friday night out.

On a side note, while browsing through Facebook I can across a meme that said “Chivalry isn’t dead, hoes just keep calling it thirsty.” And I’m like…the accuracy! This may sound contradicting, but there is nothing wrong with wanting attention from someone you have interest in, it’s the tactics that you use that can characterize you as THIRSTY. But sometimes the term is used too loosely. Like when a guy holds doors for you, acts polite, pulls out chairs and takes you out. Some would call that being THIRSTY or a sucker, but that’s actually called being a gentlemen and showing how much you are into someone. And for the record, Chivalry isn’t dead. I’ve actually been out with someone on a just because occasion and he paid for everything and I didn’t even ask him to.

Many can attest and agree that the word THIRSTY has become very popular and overused. Although we all have had our moments where we just need a sip to cool us down, some want a glass or two. But really you shouldn’t look for others to obey your thirst.

Did you enjoy this drink?


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