I’m pretty sure that by now we’ve all seen the Kermit the frog memes (If you haven’t I suggest that you use different search engines to get an idea). And now—thanks to the many social networking sites out there—the world is being humored by a guy named Daquan. On July 2nd, 2014, Twitter user @RealRaymondJ posted a tweet featuring a stock photograph of a young girl making a dismissive hand gesture to her mother with the caption “Mom I don’t want a David, I want a Daquan” and eventually people caught on and began making their own Daquan memes. Here’s a look:


At a first glance the memes are pretty hilarious and I can’t deny the fact that I’ve liked almost every Daquan meme that I came across or tagged a friend so that they could get their 6 or 7 laughs in (Katt Williams ref.). As you can see in the pictures above, the way that the joke is setup is essentially that Daquan is every white family’s nightmare—he’s the black guy who traps and dates their daughter and on some occasions, has put their son on his squad as well.

When the memes began to appear on Twitter and Instagram, a lot of people were asking “Who is Daquan and why is he relevant?” And usually the response was that Daquan is just a fictional character… WRONG.

Daquan is each and every African American/Black male in America (or should I say white America).This is how they see you, you are the joke. It’s really crazy how they mock us, but it’s even crazier how we accept it and participate. It seems like Daquan is becoming another way to say the N word—which used to mean kings and queens, but I won’t talk about that right now.

Simply put, these memes are re-enforcing negative stereotypes of black males. And some of you, still being apart of this coonery crowd will read this and still swear that these jokes are harmless. If these jokes are so harmless, why aren’t white jokes told and circulated via social media with such ease? Think about it… 

There’s a huge difference and a very thin line between harmless fun and straight up racism.

“If you don’t understand racism/white supremacy, everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you.”

—Dr. Neely Fuller Jr.

If most of us knew better we would do better to change the conditions of our people. But unfortunately, we’re the ones giving the green light for everyone to mock the black community mercilessly. Black kings, black men, black youth…WAKE UP!



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