27 Tainted Soul

They say we never forget the ones who are good to us. The ones who care enough to teach us something new… even after we’ve disappointed them. And that’s always been you for me. You saw progress and didn’t quit on my potential when you became frustrated with my mistakes.

It is because of you that I know good love challenges our old ways and gives us room to grow into better ones. And knowing that you chose to care for me even as I learned how to be me, makes me want to work harder for us.

Long black sleeve, burgundy sweat-shorts, gold-chain, with a pair of Nike’s… Your appearance was so put together, but your thoughts were in a disarray of confusion. Lost in a sea of books. By default I became your Northern Star.

As someone whose soul has been previously bruised, I’ve found alleviation from each moment shared between us. Because before.. I walked on a thin line. And the more I walked down this thin line, the thicker it got and it gave me hope that I would never have to walk on a thin line again. So without warning, our souls eloped hand-in-hand on a line that grew into a path.

Naive to the results of the things done and undone, we stumbled upon a fork in the road.  Where there’s continuous disputations of which way leads to our perception of utopia.  When all the while, both roads lead to that one destination. Yet still, we remain at the fork playing tug-of-war based upon the ideology of right and wrong judgments.

The problem is that.. as the tugging continues each tug becomes more subjective. Each counterattack becomes more one sided. When do we let go… 

When do we hold ourselves accountable for the harm we’re inflicting on each others character? When do we acknowledge our own flaws before opposing each other? When do we understand the true meaning of fairness & being unconditionally honest. 

Give and take, push and pull, the yin the yang. The best of times, the worst of times. And I do.. comprehend the mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical discomfort that I could’ve induced. I know I’m no day at the beach, but tequila makes everything better right? (I kid) The point is…

With all the love in me I truly apologize. For I am unconditionally grateful for the simple and complex moments that we have conquered. I only wish for us to conquer the battles within ourselves so that there’s no partiality between us.

If there can ever be a positive connotation of the word tainted, just know.. you’ve tainted my soul tremendously.


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